The Coach

Herman den Heeten (1955) has worked in the field of business operations and organizational development over the last 30 years. In 1997 he started his own consultancy practice in this field. Herman holds a Master degree in organizational science. Throughout his career, Herman has developed a focus on process management and more and more with an emphasis on the field of Higher Education. He is also involved at different developments surrounding the European level 5 in Higher Education in the Netherlands. He is especially interested into the field of managing two-year Higher Education.

Herman lives in the Amsterdam area, is married and has 3 sons.


Recently he finished a research project on organizational self-assessment and accreditation.This research deals with the question in what way self-assessment can lead to the development of a general capability to learn of an educational institution in short-term, cyclic higher education. This thesis was namend:

“In what way can self-assessment lead to the development of the eagerness to learn that is necessary to achieve organizational development and what type of organizational coaching suits this the best”.

The process coach

Integrates educational development into your organization.

Works together towards common goals at short cycle higher education.

Controls organization processes within Universities of applied sciences.


Process Coach
Zonnestein 6
1181 LW Amstelveen
The Netherlands

t +31 6 5136 0025

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