The question in what way self-assessment can lead to the development of a general capability to learn of an educational institution in short-term, cyclic higher education has to do with the capability to learn that is necessary to design the exchange relation of this organization and its environment.

The service of ProcesCoach deals with the question how guidance can support the start of this developmental process.

The start of this development showes characteristics that highlight all that goes on. Through this process of development, as well as the attachment of significance, many insights can be achieved. The role of the ProcessCoiach can be seen as interventions that fit with the assumption that change is created through energy and vitality. With the next step, this process is better suited for the organization of a system in which self-assessment is a leading principle for the general capability to learn. This deals with learning and developing. Accompanying interventions tend to deal more with the assumption that people have to change because they can learn and develop.


The process coach

Integrates educational development into your organization.

Works together towards common goals at short cycle higher education.

Controls organization processes within Universities of applied sciences.


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